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from Wednesday 19 MAY 2021

The team of the Château de La Roche Goyon (Fort La Latte) is delighted to announce the reopening of the château and its park.

Our team has been preparing the reopening of the park and the castle for several weeks now.  

During your visit, we will ask you to respect the barrier gestures and the rules of social distancing. We are counting on you.

  • A direction of circulation is set up as soon as you arrive in the park.

  • Signs indicating barrier gestures are on site all along the path leading to the castle.

  • Separation barriers with a direction of movement have been put in place on the parts of the castle where visitors could pass each other. (ex: drawbridges, ticket office ...)

  • The castle team in contact with the public is equipped with protective masks and / or visors.

  • A regulation of visitors upon entry is carried out to maintain social distancing and to allow a more secure visit.

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory during your visit for all visitors.

  • You will be asked for your health pass at the  Ticketing  to visit the castle. Details here

Sanitary rules to be observed

Promote payments by credit card and contactless payment.
One person for the payment of tickets.

Social distancing
The physical distance of two meters minimum between each family must be respected.

Hydroalcoholic gel
On the course of the visit, hydroalcoholic gel was put in place. Wash your hands regularly with the hydroalcoholic gel.

Do not touch any objects
Do not touch objects, barriers, display cases, stained glass windows, doors, furniture.

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