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Group booking

Let yourself be surprised by this exceptional place located in the Bay of St Malo. This site steeped in history welcomes you for a journey back to medieval times between Land and Sea.

Guided tour

A guided tour adapted to your group to help you discover the history of the castle and its unique environment.

Let yourself be guided by our excellent costumed guides.

Due to Covid19, only the self-guided tour is available at this time.

Guided tour time:  45 minutes

  • All year round by reservation  

  • From April 1 to September 30 depending on the schedule (every 1h15)

Minimum of 20 people per Group .  

    Due to  the epidemic affecting our country at the moment, we are not able to offer you  guided tours for 2021 .

    Group visits will therefore be “free visits” for the moment. Groups will find throughout the castle and its park, many explanatory panels on the history and architecture of the fortress.

Booking condition for a Guided Tour:

Minimum of 20 people per Group .

The arrival time of the group must be precise and absolutely respected . Beyond 20 minutes late , the guided tour will no longer be  necessarily  assured but can be done freely.

Mandatory: For  regulations  by Voucher , please give a copy to your group to present to our cashier.

Single  cancellation notified at least 3 days before the visit date is accepted . Beyond this period, the service is due .

For reasons of  safety and smooth running of the visit, the guide is authorized to exclude any person who does not respect the rules of good conduct .

Group reservations for the visit of the castle  only do through this site!

Please note: If you place an Option, firm reservations have priority.

Mandatory Information:

  • Name of person and Name of organization

  • Telephone number of the organization and Mobile phone of the person managing the group 

  • Mail

  • Type of Group (school, others ...)

  • number of adults

  • Number of children

  • Date and Hours (from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Excluding public holidays and Hors-Semaine des medieval du château)


If any information is missing, the reservation will not be taken into account!

Group reservation from 20 people!  

A reservation problem, only one address:

Group Booking from 20 people!

A reservation problem, only one address:

Are you particularly interested in a topic? Contact us by email:
Let's discuss your project. The team will strive to offer you quality services that best meet your expectations.

More info for group bookings at  0296 415 711

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