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The oven to blush  cannonballs  of iron

It was built around 1793 to burn enemy ships. At that time, the castle belonged to the  ministry  of the War and had a garrison of 60 soldiers. It therefore required a substantial amount of labor and several hours of heating for the balls to be ready for use.

- Between 2 to 5 hours to reach a cherry red ball.


- The oven had to heat up to 900 degrees. The Four à rougir les boulets du château is the ONLY one in Brittany to be in a fortress, the others are for example in  America (Fort-Jefferson, USA, Fort-marion in Florida) There are others along the Breton coast, on the point of Erquy, as well as on the point of Roseliers in St Brieuc.


These blushing ovens were used little since to be operational, they had to be heated constantly.


Being very inefficient, they have kept a very good state of conservation.

four à rougir les boulets de fer roche goyon fort la latte chateau forteresse
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