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The menhir of La Latte

The menhir of the castle of Roche Goyon, regularly called the menhir of  Gargantua, is a stone mounted in granite like a very fine obelisk. (2.64 m high for 0.49 m wide and 0.24 m thick)

It was once surmounted by a cross.

It is probably during this Christianization that the original menhir was cut so finely.

It is located in the castle grounds, on the private road leading to the fortress.

It was broken in two during the filming of the "Vikings". You can still see the trace on the menhir.

It had many names, the warrior's needle (on the oldest maps), the menhir of La Latte, the finger of Gargantua, the tooth, and much more ...








Legends :

There are several legends linked to this menhir.

- Gargantua would have lost his tooth or his finger while trying to cross the Channel to reach the coasts of England. The traces of his hooves and his cane are still visible in the rock, at the foot of the menhir.

-  Gargantua  would have died at Cap Fréhel after a hard fight with the Korrigans. It is said that the islets that can be seen in the sea would be pieces of the Giant and that the menhir would represent his finger which would have fallen at this place and would then have stuck in the ground.


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