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Plants in the castle gardens.

rosier du Japon.HEIC

Japanese rose
Rough rose bush

Rosa rugosa

Easy Plant / rustic

Planting  Spring fall  

Sun exposure

Rich soil,  well drained

Flowering from May to the first frosts

The fruits (rose hips) are edible! 

potager 2020.jpeg

Vegetable garden

The vegetable garden in June

Orchard - Vegetable garden

The hortus was an essential element of the medieval garden, corresponding to the Orchard -  vegetable garden . It is surrounded by plesses (plessis) in order to protect it from farm animals. It is often located near the kitchen, it is a real reserve of tasty plants with medicinal properties.

We found borage, leeks, horseradish, apple trees, cabbage, rhubarb, mints, thyme, vines, rosemary, sage, arroches, peas ...

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